"La Cueva de la Pileta"  cave-recordings

Cave-Recordings is a project that mainly wants to investigate how sound is influenced by a place,

its accustics and its energy.

Cave-Recordings is only using improvisation as a means to get into resonance with the sorrounding.

"La Cueva de la Pileta" was recorded in the equally named cave in Andalucia in spain in spring 2015.

30000 year old paintings, extrodinay rockformations as well as hughe speleothem-curtains flavoured the soundjourney caught on this doubble-CD.


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"La Cueva de la Pileta"

CD1   55 min             2 tracks    

CD2   52 min             4 tracks


Overtoneflutes of all kind, planetary Gong, Fujara, Hurdy-Gurdy, Speleothem Curtains(Tropfstein-Percussion), Singing Bowl, Jaws Harp, Shakuhachi, Vocals



Max Brumberg: maxbrumbergflutes.eu

Rudi Wienand: rudiwienand.com

Guido Falke: hurdy-gurdy.eu